ARK-LA-TEX Steppers

ARK-LA-TEX Steppers

Hi and Welcome to the home of the ARK-LA-TEX. This page and organization has been created for entertainment purposes for adults who still love to live life and enjoy fellowship with other responsible like minded adults. Come join us and get your groove back as we all continue to learn the culture as well as the infamous style and flavor of CHICAGO STYLE STEPPIN.

During this Pandemic, I would like to encourage you all to practice in the privacy of your homes until we can physically meet again. I hope that you all will be encouraged to try something new and join our ARK-LA-TEX Family. Please visit our Self Help Learning Tab and start your journey today under the virtual instructions of Mr. Victor James.

Again Thank you for stopping by. Call me anytime if you have any questions or concerns at 580-277-1039. As we say throughout the dance community, I hope to see you on the wood soon.

Pamela Smith




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